June  2nd  2013

The Video Yearmix 2013







Time for an update!

The weeks are flying by for me at the moment. Focusing on a lot of things and sometimes I find time to rebuild the last part on the yearmix.

Some asked if I was killed, some told me to kill myself, some said they think I never made the mix. Actually laughed at these mails, but I know it’s all because you’re waiting for it!

I’m not going to repeat what happened in the past, but I’m looking forward to a release, so I can finally start with the 2014 preparations!

Like I said, I’m very busy with a lot of things that are going on in my life besides the yearmix so I’m not giving you a hard date yet, but I didn’t forget all of you who are waiting. I hope to give you the present soon….




Guys, I really got bad news. This morning I finished the video yearmix. The only thing I needed to to was render the video. About 11 am my harddrive crashed and died. No recovery possible.

I have made a backup of all the source files about 4 days ago. The last 4 days I really worked my ass of to finish this mix in time for you guys. I skipped all my Christmas plans and worked about 19 hours a day to give you the Christmas present you are all waiting for. Unfortunately I can’t right now.

This means I have to get all the source files back and than re-continu mixing the files. This will at least take about 2 weeks. That means, there will not be a video yearmix before 2014.

I’m really sorry I have to disappoint you. I’m really devastated.

Tonight I will show the backup-mix in Café de Verdieping as promised to the visitors, but I won’t upload the unfinished mix.

I’m really devastated by this news, and hope you’ll understand that the 1000+ hours I put into it every year, are for fun and to entertain you. Not for business.

When the mix is finished, I will put it online as soon as possible in 2014.

Despite the bad news, I wish you the best.